Box Office Information

Hours: Monday - Friday 10AM–5PM
Extended hours for events.
Box office opens a minimum of 2 hours prior to scheduled event time.
Located in the lobby of the east, main entrance of FARGODOME 1800 N. University Dr. Fargo ND 58102
(701) 241-9100

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Bison Tickets

The Bison Ticket Office is located in the south lobby of the Scheels Center and Sanford Health Athletic Complex at 1600 University Dr. N., Fargo, ND 58102.
Parking is available in designated 30-minute zones on either side of 16th Avenue.
(701) 231-NDSU

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FARGODOME does not sell tickets over the phone. 

FARGODOME Box Office no longer accepts checks as payment for FARGODOME tickets for walk-up sales.


Platinum Seats

What are Platinum Seats?
Platinum Seats are premium tickets to concerts and other events made available by artists and event providers through They give fans fair and safe access to some of the best seats in the house.

Are Platinum Seats resale tickets?
No. Platinum Seats were not purchased initially and then posted for resale; they are being sold for the first time through Platinum Seats enables market-based pricing (adjusting prices according to supply and demand) for live event tickets, similar to how airline tickets and hotel rooms are sold. The goal is to give the most passionate fans fair and safe access to the best tickets while enabling artists and other people involved in staging live events to price tickets closer to their true value.

Why can't I buy Platinum Seats for certain events?
Currently, Platinum Seats are not available for all events. Be sure to check back often as new events are continually being added.

How are my tickets delivered?
Depending on the event, FedEx, Will Call and/or standard USPS ticket delivery options.

What is the current price per ticket?
The price you pay is the original price of the ticket. Platinum Seats were not purchased initially and then posted for resale; they are being sold for the first time through on behalf of the artist or event provider.

Where can I buy Platinum Seats?
Platinum Seats are currently available only online through

Other amounts or fees may also be included in the Current Price or may be added on top of the Current Price.
If additional amounts are added on top of the Current Price, they will be displayed on the website before you complete your purchase.

Lost or Stolen Tickets

FARGODOME is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets.

Please contact 701-241-9100 or come in to the FARGODOME Box Office to report your tickets lost. The following information will be required: customer’s name, date of purchase, credit card used.

Once the original order has been found, replacement tickets will be printed and the original tickets will be voided. The replacement tickets will only be allowed to be picked up on the event day. This ensures the safety of your ticket because once tickets have been replaced; no other replacements can be made. Replacement tickets can only be picked up by the person who is listed on the account as the ticket purchaser with a valid photo ID and the credit card used to purchase the tickets.

In all instances, tickets should be treated like cash. There is no guarantee on replacing tickets. Replacement tickets may be subject to a reprint fee.

Ticket Safety

We love seeing guests share their excitement by posting about their tickets but please remember the importance of keeping your ticket barcodes private. Do not post pictures of your active ticket barcodes on social media or other platforms which can compromise your ticket information and make it more vulnerable to theft.

Where To Buy Tickets

ALWAYS start at and follow the links to purchase tickets to events taking place at FARGODOME.

Purchase your tickets from a reputable ticketing company. Many "secondary" ticket companies or "brokers" lead you to believe that they are the official site for purchasing tickets.

In addition to bots and scalpers, a growing problem we see daily is a practice called “Speculative Listing” (Spec Listing) or “Speculative Tickets.” Spec Listing is when unofficial sellers list tickets for sale even though they do not actually have those tickets. They are betting (or speculating) that they will be able to get tickets and then resell them to fans.

This is not only wrong, it’s unfair. It forces real fans to compete against resellers who are scrambling to find tickets to fulfill the speculations they made. These resellers are actually fighting against real fans like you who are trying to get their tickets through legitimate sources like FARGODOME.

Spec Listing is an issue for the entire ticketing industry and we do not allow it on our site. Our competition does and will even market these tickets that haven’t gone on sale yet. This creates a lot of confusion among fans.

Fans should not trust resellers claiming to have tickets before the onsale has begun. Those speculative listings are NOT REAL tickets that the seller has in hand (meaning: they do not actually have those tickets to sell). People claiming to sell these tickets are creating acts of fraud and this practice is illegal in many states including New York. Fans should be vigilant and beware of these sellers.

Buyer Beware

FARGODOME utilizes TICKETMASTER as the official ticketing company for events at FARGODOME. Tickets may be purchased at the FARGODOME Box Office or online at Please be advised that any other ticketing website is not an authorized seller of tickets for events at FARGODOME. Purchasing tickets outside of the FARGODOME may result in fraudulent tickets or tickets that cannot be used for entry. These tickets will not be exchanged and/or refunded by the FARGODOME. If you have questions please call our Administrative Offices at 701-241-9100. 

*FARGODOME does not sell tickets over the phone.

Age Requirements

  • The Policy for Children's Admission Varies by Event

For most events, children under 2 are free when seated on a ticketed adult's lap. Once a child has reached their second birthday they do need to have a valid event ticket.
Please refer to event information for age limits, as some productions have different children's age policy requirements.

It is highly recommended that all children wear hearing protection headphones for all concerts and sporting events.

Acceptable Forms of Payment

Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express are accepted online.
Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express are accepted at the box office.

Accessibility Seating

To purchase ADA accessible seating for any event, please visit our box office or order tickets online.

Ticket prices offered to guests with accessible seating needs shall be equivalent to ticket prices offered to all guests.

We welcome guests with accessible seating needs and provide services and amenities to accommodate you. If you need additional assistance attending an event at  FARGODOME, please contact your nearest usher, event staff member or the Guest Services desk located on the concourse level, Section 1. Find more information on our Accessibility page.

If a patron purchases a conventional seat ticket through the box office or internet, or through a secondary market seller, and the patron requires an accessible seat, the venue will make an effort to place the patron in a wheelchair accessible seat in the closest or comparable location to the original ticket. This ticket exchange process is on a first-come, first-served, as-available basis. There is no guarantee that wheelchair seat space will be available for such an exchange.

In some instances, a complimentary ticket may be available to a paid attendant that is required to accompany a guest with special needs. Written verification of the need for an attendant is required by the physician or group home on business letterhead stationary, and must be presented at the time of purchase.

Our companion policy allows guests with special needs to purchase up to three companion tickets, along with their ADA ticket, in designated accessible seating areas.

FARGODOME has a limited number of wheelchairs. These wheelchairs are available on a first come, first served basis. Wheelchairs cannot be reserved before the event needed. The wheelchairs can be checked out free of charge at Guest Services, which is located on the concourse at Section1.



Re-entry is not permitted.

Cancelled or Postponed Events

In the event a performance is cancelled or rescheduled, information is immediately sent to the local media for distribution, placed on the FARGODOME website as well as all social media channels. We will also send an email to ticket purchasers of that event, if we have their contact information.

If an event is cancelled, refunds will be available at the original point of purchase. If the event is rescheduled, tickets purchased for the original date will be honored at the new date. In most cases, refunds will also be available at the original point of purchase within a specified timeline that will be provided through the channels listed above.

Tickets purchased with a credit card will be refunded to the original card used to purchase the tickets. The FARGODOME is not responsible for tickets purchased through unauthorized sources.

PLEASE NOTE: In the event of an event cancellation, the paid ticket price and facility fee will be refunded. Order and delivery charges, convenience fees, and other fees associated with online or phone purchases may be retained for services rendered by the provider.

Ticket Limits

Please adhere to published ticket limits. Persons who exceed the ticket limit may have any or all of their orders and tickets cancelled without notice by Ticketmaster, FARGODOME and/or the concert promoter at their discretion. This includes orders purchased due to technical website/system errors and/or orders associated with the same name, email address, billing address, credit card number or other information.

If tickets are cancelled for exceeding the household limit, only the paid ticket price and facility fee will be refunded to the customer’s account. All other fees and charges will be retained for services rendered by the provider.


Generally, will call is located at the main box office, located in the lobby of the east, main entrance of FARGODOME

During events, pre-purchased tickets through Ticketmaster may be picked up at a designated FARGODOME Box Office window. Customers must present a valid photo ID and the credit card used to purchase the tickets in order to receive them.

Tickets left by artists or other guests are only available to be picked up at the main box office located in the lobby of the east, main entrance of FARGODOME

Anyone wishing to leave tickets at our box office for another party to claim may do so for a $5.00 charge. 

*VIP packages pickup locations vary by event but are usually distributed somewhere within the lobby of FARGODOME on the east side of the building.

Door Times

The opening times vary depending on the preferences of the event promotors or artists. Typically, doors open 60-90 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time of the event. For specific event door times, please refer to that event information page.

Please note: Door times are approximate. Sound Checks and other delays may arise.